In this section I subject you to my Spielberg-like epics. Or maybe not. Anyway, just click a video to begin. Or if you are on a phone or tablet, click one of the phone icons.

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Neal's 2014 Road Trip
June, 2014
Watch me as I visit spectacular places across the U.S. during my 15 year sabbatical.
Flooding and some Fox 13 Reporters
September 24, 2013
My cam recorded some of the heavy rain, and a visit from some Fox 13 reporters.
Fox 13 News Report
September 24, 2013
Anjuli Lohn a reporter from Fox 13 out of Tampa stopped by to report on the local street flooding.
Eddie's 9th Birthday
July 23, 2013
Eddie is 9 already! Here's a Video from his Birthday Party.
Disney Test Track
May 4, 2013
We visited Disney and rode the Test Track Ride.
Myakka River Elementary Spring Concert
May 1, 2013
Watch Eddie's Recorder Recital.
Neal's Birthday
March 31, 2013
Neal's Birthday Party.
Lynda's Birthday
February 14, 2013
Mum's Birthday Party.
Jaguar Experience
February 1, 2013
Dad and I attended the Jaguar Driving Experience in St. Pete.
Hailey's 10th Birthday Party
October 27, 2012
Hailey is 10 already!
Eddie's 8th Birthday Party
July 18, 2012
Eddie has yet another Birthday Party.
4th of July
July 4, 2012
4th of July Fireworks at Venice Beach.
Tropical Storm Debby
June, 2012
A few clips taken during Tropical storm Debby.
Venice Christmas Boat Parade 2011
December 3, 2011
The annual Christmas Boat Parade in Venice, Florida.
European Vacation 2011
July, 2011
Watch the Lainharts and Uncle Neal as they get Lost in Europe.
Lynda's 65th Birthday Party
February 14, 2011
Mum's 65th Birthday Party
Sarasota Christmas Boat Parade 2010
December 11, 2010
The annual Christmas Boat Parade in Sarasota, Florida.
Thanksgiving 2010
November 25, 2010
Thanksgiving in Lynda and Geoffrey's new home.
4th of July Fireworks
July 4, 2010
The weather cleared out just in time for the Fireworks display in Punta Gorda.
Bill's Birthday
May 30, 2010
It's Bill's Birthday. Some bad Singing and worse Dancing happen.
2010 Summer Luau
May 14, 2010
The Lainharts + Neal attend the annual Luau at Myakka River Elementary School.
Stump Pass State Park
May 1, 2010
Englewood Car Show
March 6, 2010
2010 Disney Half Marathon
January 9, 2010
A video of some crazy people who took part in the 2010 Disney Marathon. Some of them also ran the full Marathon the following day.
2009 Sarasota Christmas Lights Boat Parade
December 12, 2009
The annual Christmas lights boat parade in Sarasota, FL.
Disney Trip
September 26, 2009
Spent the weekend at the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Even got to star in a Movie.
Labor Day Weekend Boat Ride
September 6, 2009
The Lainhart family and myself bouncing around the Englewood area.
Space Shuttle Discovery Launch
August 29, 2009
The Final Night Shuttle launch as seen from here in Venice.
Space Shuttle Discovery Launch
March 15, 2009
The Shuttle launch as seen from here in Venice.
Yellowstone Vacation 2008
August, 2008
A set of intrepid adventurers set off from Minnesota to Yellowstone National Park on a Family Vacation.
New York 2007
October, 2007
See video of my recent trip to New York.
Alaska 2007
July, 2007
See video of my recent trip back to Alaska. I visited Anchorage, Seward, Homer and Talkeetna including the Denali Range.
Kitties Everywhere
May 1st, 2007
A Cat adopted me, then became 6 Cats.
Sherry Suzewits and Allen Sorbie Wedding
April 29th, 2006
Allen and Sherry got married! Here's the Video.
Hurricane Wilma as seen from Venice
October 24th, 2005
Lara Snyder and James Kitchens Wedding
September 24, 2005
Jim got married! Here's the Video.

Note: Contact me at ngcard@gmail.com if you would like a DVD copy of this Video.
2005 UK Holiday
August 20 - September 3, 2005
Home movie of my 2005 visit to England.
Hawk on Front Lawn
April 10, 2005
A hawk came by recently. I think it was trying to find some food, or mow the lawn.
Hurricane Jeanne as seen from Venice
Sunday September 26th, 2004
Clips taken over a 1 day period.
Hurricane Frances as seen from Venice
Friday September 4th through Sunday September 5th, 2004
Clips taken over a 3 day period.
Hurricane Charley Aftermath
Sunday August 29th, 2004
I took a little drive out to Arcada and down to Punta Gorda. Those trees that are still standing are stripped of all their leaves - it looks like Winter.
Hurricane Charley as seen from Venice
Friday August 13th, 2004
Clips taken over a 5 hour period.
Hurricane Charley as Seen from Northport
Friday August 13th, 2004
Thanks to Robyn and Kerry Heath for this one.
Edward Lainhart
Born on the 23rd of July 2004.
The 4th of July 2004
The fireworks weren't particulary impressive in Venice, so Mother Nature decided to show us how it is done. It's interesting to watch my neighbor risk his life over and over again.
Alaska Highway 2002
In 2002 I drove the Alaska Highway with Family. We traveled from Calgary, AB all the way up to Fairbanks and back. This one is about an hour long, so break out the popcorn or Alcohol.