Yellowstone Vacation 2008

August 2008. A set of intrepid adventurers set off from Minnesota on a Family Vacation to Yellowstone National Park. Here are a selection of videos presented Griswold style.

To the Badlands
The journey from Minnesota to the Badlands of South Dakota.
1880 Train Ride
A ride in the Black Hills of South Dakota on a train originating from 1880.
Mount Rushmore
"The heads" in South Dakota
The Drive to Yellowstone
The Journey from South Dakota to Yellowstone National Park and Gardiner, Montana.
Mammoth Hot Springs
In the Northern part of the Park.
Norris and Old Faithful
Norris Geyser Basin and Old Faithful.
Tower Falls Area
The Yellowstone Canyon Area.
Whitewater Rafting.
Exit Yellowstone
Driving South, stopping at the Old Faithful area again and on Southwards.
Grand Tetons
The Grand Tetons National Park Area and the Ride home.

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