European Vacation 2011

Watch the Lainharts and Uncle Neal as they get lost in Europe.

The London Eye
We arrived in London, slept for a while, then took a ride on the London Eye.
London Bus and Boat Tours
We toured London on a Hop on, Hop Off Bus ride, followed by a River Cruise.
The Tower of London
Beefeaters and Crown Jewels.
St. Paul's Cathedral and Buckingham Palace
Lots of climbing spiral staircases today.
Windsor Castle
We went to the Queen's house.
The Natural History Museum
No, the Dinosaurs didn't come alive.
The Science Museum
We were blinded with Science.
Changing of the Guards
Very large diapers.
The Eiffel Towerrrr
We're now in Paris!
The Louvre, Bus Tour and Notre Dame
That was a lot for one day!
Palace of Versailles
Royalty who outstayed their welcome.
The Arc De Triomphe and Napoleons Apartments at the Louvre
A big arch and a short short man.
Bastille Day
Ever wonder what the French do with their military?
Disneyland Paris
Like the real Disney, but Mickey is rude :)
Chelmsford and Southend
Back to the UK to visit family.
Colchester Zoo
We went to the Zoo Zoo Zoo.
We visted old Neighbors in Oxfordshire.
Warwick Castle
A real Castle - not like those fake Disney ones.

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