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New Photos Site

To make my photo collection easier to navigate, I am now hosting them on smugmug. You can still click the photos button above, or go directly to http://ngcard.smugmug.com.

If you are using a phone or tablet, you can also download the smugmug app and add the user 'ngcard'.

Neal's 2014 Road Trip

In June, I used my 15 year sabbatical to go on a road trip to see some places across the country I had not yet had a chance to see. Take a look at these Videos.

I also published a blog as I travelled which can be seen here http://neal2014.tumblr.com.

Flooding and Visit from Fox 13 reporters

Added videos of flooding and visit from Fox 13 reporters. Videos


A bunch of new Videos!

I got a bit behind on the videos. I just posted a bunch of new ones in the Videos section.


Updated Webcams Page

I have updated the webcams page so that it is now more mobile-friendly. It should now be possible to view the live cams from a tablet or smart phone. Also, the timelapse videos should now be playable on these devices. The Javascript links should also work for people who do not have flash installed or who have disabled Java.