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Hurricane Irma
Well, looks like we survived that one here in South Venice for the most part. A convoy of power trucks came by yesterday afternoon and turned on the power. There are still a lot of people without power and I feel for them. It's pretty miserable in 90 ...
Sep 15, 2017
Front HD Cameras
The front cameras are up and running in HD. However there will be some additional down time to fix some remaining technical issues.
Jan 7, 2016
New HD Cameras
I have replaced the back 4 "Cat Cam" cameras with 720p HD cameras. This means much clearer images. As part of this upgrade I'm also switching to some new software to provide the feeds. By default when you go to the back cameras page, you'll ...
May 31, 2015
New Cameras
I'm currently working on replacing 3 of the front cameras. The old ones were failing. They were actually board cameras which lasted much longer in the elements than I expected. The new cameras are designed for outdoor use and include infrared for ...
Jan 30, 2015
New Photos Site
To make my photo collection easier to navigate, I am now hosting them on smugmug. You can still click the photos button above, or go directly to http://ngcard.smugmu...
Dec 24, 2014