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Your wish...

Thanks for the great feedback so far. I have bought back the temperature and other Weather Underground widgets as you requested.

There are also some email notification features built into this site that are not enabled yet. I intend to get those working soon, so if you signed up for those features, stand by.

I am also planning on adding a 'Weather' section to the site since things tend to get busy around here during Hurricane season.

If you have any ideas regarding the site, now is the time to let me know - I don't do a complete redesign very often, so this may not change again for a few decades :)

Neal's Place remodeling continued...

The redesign of my website is almost complete. The frames and the old menu are gone, and replaced with new navigation buttons at the top of the page. I have also redesigned the webcam navigational pages - you might actually be able to tell which camera you are going to connect to :)

Let me know if you find something that doesn't work.

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Welcome to the Upgraded Neal's Place

I thought it was time this site was dragged into the 21st Century, so I have upgraded the news section to a blog format.

The webcam pages have also undergone an upgrade. Motion detection photos and videos are now available for each of the cameras.

Have fun!